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Bolender Family Farms

Ancestral Blend Ground Beef

Ancestral Blend Ground Beef

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1 lb. package, vacuum-sealed, frozen

Our Ancestral Blend was developed to conveniently incorporate the nourishing properties of organ meats into a modern diet. Originally, this blend was requested by local gym and body building athletes to gain more natural access to essential vitamins and minerals.

Our butcher used the idea to create a product that has comparable taste and texture to what you would expect with regular ground meat! It's perfect for the health conscious individual or parent trying to (secretly) improve their child's diet. ;)

Try using our Beef Ancestral Blend in place of ground meat in your favorite recipe, and enjoy the health benefits of our most nutrient dense product.

Contains 8% heart and 12% liver.

For questions, give Aubrey a call at (513)967-0360.

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