About Us

We are the Bolender Family, and sustaining the family farm is our life's work.  As time goes, we realize the importance of preserving American farms for America, and one way that others can help is to source directly from a farmer.

We began our farm-to-table beef sales about 15 years ago, but fully committed to direct marketing every calf raised on our farm in 2016.  This was after Congress repealed the Country of Origin Labeling Act, which took transparency away from the American consumer.  Today, even if the grocery label reads "Product of America," that only means it was processed here. It could have been raised anywhere in the world. 

This destroyed the market for American cattle farmers, because our supply was flooded with lower quality beef.

So in our corner of the country, we decided to go directly to the consumer and stay away from the corrupt middle man.

Knowing where your beef is raised gives you reassurance. With the generations of experience and family history that goes into each cut of our prime beef, we can promise your satisfaction. Grown from start to finish, under the watch of our family. We want you to have confidence that your beef was raised right, from birth to harvest. It matters to us because we want to build a lasting food community that follows into the next generation and beyond.