Collection: Meat Lamb

In 2022, we invested in a small herd of Katahdin ewes for our three children, with the intent of them building their own small farm to table business.

Those ewes lambed in January/February of 2023, and the amount of joy that it's given our kids has been invaluable.  They were able to tend to the ewes and babies all on their own and have worked tirelessly this summer moving and mending fences to keep what went from 9 to 21 sheep within their pastures!

The time has come for the male lambs to be sent to harvest.  The kids chose to keep all of the females for breeding to build their herd.

That said, we are now offering grass fed lamb by the side (1/2) or whole. 

Pricing is per pound hanging weight (before bone & trim are removed) and does include all processing costs.

Katahdin lambs are known for their carcass yields, but also a very mild lamb flavour.