Thanks for Joining our Herd!

Thanks for Joining our Herd!

Hey ya'll!  We appreciate your following and interest in our pasture to plate effort here in the hills of Southern Ohio.

My husband Adam and I manage and work our grain and cattle farm as the third generation since Adam's grandfather moved his family to the area in 1960.  While it's the third generation here, our families have passed the farming tradition down for many generations before that.

My family inhabited Brown County, Ohio in the early 1800's from Virginia as land clearers and farmers. Adam's family moved up from Kentucky in the late 1800's as farmers that moved from Clermont County, to Highland County, and then finally landed in Eastern Brown County.

We have been raising prime beef for customers for over a decade, and our proud of the customer base that we have established. It's truly a food community of friends, family and friends of friends or friends.  Word of mouth has been our best advertisement, so we always appreciate a kind review or suggestion for others to come check us out!

This spring and summer have been one for the record books.  It's been exactly ten years since we've had weather dry enough to get so much work done.  Our planting of soybeans and corn was finished before the kids got out of school, and our first round of hay baling wrapped up this week.  Of course with sparse rain does come dry ground and our prayers change from asking for more sunshine to asking for some rain.  Thankfully, God always answers when we need it most. In the meantime, I spend my nights after dark watering the garden.

I've been spending my "spare" time working on our new website.  My goal is to offer new & different types of beef cuts that you may not always be familiar with, but definitely need to try! They are great for grilling and won't be overly expensive like more of the mainstream steak cuts.  We've been trying different steaks ourselves, and it's been a great experience. Mostly because as cattle farmers that sell their beef, we always SELL the steaks and don't get to eat them. It's just part of it.

We'll also continue to offer the traditional ribeyes, t-bones, porters, NY strips & filets. 

We're also excited to exclusively offer our all beef hotdogs and snack sticks in our online store!  My family has really been enjoying both, and we are excited to share these with our followers!

Check out our online store for new cuts as we add them.  We also have a NEW rewards program where you can earn points for buying and referring others to our online store! Those points can be applied to get discounts on your future orders!

Stay tuned for a special Father's Day box offer - available for preorders this Friday, June 9th!

As always, thanks for supporting us. We're raising our next generation to feed yours.

Aubrey & family

Bolender Family Beef


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